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We are manufacture and exporter an exclusive range of Stainless Steel Plates and Trays that are manufactured from premium grade stainless steel. Our product range include Bar Tray, Beer Tray, Charger Plate, Oval Tray, Multipurpose Tray, Square Tray, Rectangular Tray and we also customized products developed as per your requirements and specifications.

Bar Try

Beer Tray

Beer Tray

Charger Plate

Charger Plate

Charger Hammered

Charger Plate

Charger Plate

Oval Tray

Multipurpose Tray

Round Serving Tray

Square Tray

Triangular Tray

Mess Tray

Rectangular Tray

Cake Pan

Lasagne Pan

4 Part Round Tray

3 Part Round Tray

Rect Tray Big

Rect Tray Small

Rect Dish